About Sanna
Posted October 16, 2015 at 10:11 am

 Sanna is a Zettian with an enthusiasm for light craft racing.

Originally studying at the Set School of Medicine Sanna decided to take a year off to experience the galaxy and pursue their love of going fast.

So far Sanna has won 30 races and looks to win many more. They can be fairly compulsive when it comes to racing, with a fixed goal of entering in and winning every light craft race in the galaxy in the span of a year.

Sanna is very amiable and makes friends easily, but on the other hand their competitiveness has made them some enemies. Still, Sanna is a very caring person when they aren't on the race track and will do what they can to help someone in need.

As Sanna enters the second half of their year-long challenge news has made it to their mother about how they took a year off from school without telling anyone, which means trouble could be on the way. 

Eventually Sanna will learn how to prioritize their interests in relation to their responsibilities, but for now all they want to do is have fun.

Sanna's pronouns are They/Them and She/Her, interchangeably.

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