Age: 20
Species: Human
Pronouns: She/Her (They/Them)

Overall Jas was unhappy with her life on Earth. She had dropped out of university, was pushed out of her family's home, hated her step dad, lost her job, and has load of debts to worry about.

Being so disillusioned Jas turned to science fiction and day dreamed about travelling the galaxy and putting a million miles between herself and her troubles.

When an opportunity presented itself to her one cool spring night Jas jumped at the chance and was whisked far away from everything she knew. But this trip has taught Jas that trouble will still find you no matter how far you run away from it, and one day she will have to learn how to face her problems, both old and new.

Jas is impulsive, demanding, and a little rude, but these personality traits stem from being pressured to be careful and quiet and obedient back on Earth. Now that she's away from home she feels she can fully cut loose. Jas is also a good kid, she's loyal, and if you're nice to her she'll do what she can to help you. Her moral compass is a bit bent but it still points towards Good. 



Age: ???
Species: ???
Pronouns: They/Them

Khut is an anomaly. Their existence as a shapeshifter that can alter their mass however they see fit is a wonder of science, and this ability makes them virtually omnipotent.

Unfortunately for Khut the Taikese know how to hurt and capture them, developing weapons that bypass any defence they put up. This is why Khut is on the run. They like their freedom and want it to stay as is. This desire has lead them to strike up a partnership with a loud and annoying "Hick" named Jas and bringing her along for the ride, a small price to pay in relation to the long term.

Khut is generally patient, quiet, and disinclined to making friends, but that is changing the more time they spend with Jas. Khut has since had to adapt to the physical and emotional demands of their companion, which has been both for and against the better.

The emotion that continues to rule Khut is fear, and they must work through this fear if they are to keep themself, and Jas, safe from danger.


Age: Early 40s
Species: Taikese (Zur)
Pronouns: He/Him

As the commanding officer on the Taikese Shapeshifter Track and Retrieval Team Vron is the latest in a long line of failures.

Once a part of a large family of a mother a father and five other brothers Vron is now all that is left of his lineage. Dropping out of art school to join the military out of economic necessity at a young age Vron has taken to his life in the Taikese Imperial Army surprisingly well. Although there has been some hiccups along the way through his series of promotions Vron has had the privilege to even be on speaking terms with Emperor Zan himself.

But having the right connections does not always guarantee success, especially when living in a society that dismisses his abilities based on his race and former economic standing. Thus instead of being promoted upwards as he had expected, Vron was promoted sideway to an old ship, an apathetic and paltry crew, and the impossible task of finding and capturing a myth.

Because of this shortfall among others Vron has grown frustrated and bitter, but his loyalty to Taikos hasn't wavered. Vron still has an eye for beauty, and deeply loves Taikos for what it was, is, and will be.


Age: Late 20s
Species: Taikese (Taimese)
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them, He/Him (no preference)

Ajo makes up 80% of the apathy and bad attitude of Vron's Tracking Team. Bothersome but benign circumstances led to Ajo being stuck on this seemingly hopeless mission. At the very least Ajo is thankful she is alive and doing pointless busy work, rather than where the military top brass had planned on sending her.

As an immigrant from the colony of Taim Ajo's overall appearance and personality is off-putting to most homeworld Taikese, and she is on the tall end for her kind, almost pushing 10 feet.

Ajo comes across as combative and cruel, and is the most likely to resort to murder as a solution to a problem. Vron is terrified of her (although he does his best to hide it) and Malik is cautious.

But even though Ajo seems cold and vicious she has a soft side. She is generally kind to Malik and even feels some sympathy for Vron (though she wouldn't say it to his face) and there are people back on Taikos she deeply loves and misses.

A life of trauma makes it difficult for Ajo to feel comfortable sharing these tender emotions, but after a year of getting to know Vron and Malik she's been steadily opening up.


Age: Early 20s
Species: Taikese (Arwe)
Pronouns: He/Him

Malik was born into one of the top families on Taikos, and even has a familial link with Emperor Zan. But social standing didn't protect him from a controlling and abusive father, who had grown fed up with Malik's lack of focus and passive personality traits.

Malik was forced into military college and, per his father's request, slated to be put on the front lines after completion.This was all in the hopes that the boy would learn something and build character. Thankfully Malik's mother intervened, and had him put on the Tracking Team, a career dead end but one that has a supposedly low mortality rate.

Since being on Vron's team for the past year Malik has learned how to focus on what he is doing, though he still makes mistakes from time to time. He has also gained some confidence thanks to Ajo's gentle encouragement. Malik does find Vron's verbally volatile personality unsettling but he is growing to understand and sympathize with why his commander is so frustrated.

Malik has begun to enjoy his time spent with Vron and Ajo on this paid vacation, it's too bad that they ended up actually finding what they were looking for.


Age: Mid 20s
Species: Zettian
Pronouns: They/Them and She/Her

Sanna is a Zettian with an enthusiasm for light craft racing.

Originally studying at the Set School of Medicine Sanna decided to take a year off to experience the galaxy and pursue their love of Going Fast.

So far Sanna has won 30 races and looks to win many more as they have a goal to enter and win every light craft race in the span of a year.

Sanna is very amiable and makes friends easily, but their competitiveness has made them some enemies. Still, Sanna is a very caring person when they aren't on the race track and will do what they can to help someone in need.

As Sanna enters the second half of their year-long challenge news has made it to their mother about how they took a year off from school without telling anyone, which means trouble could be on the way.

Eventually Sanna will learn how to prioritize their interests in relation to their responsibilities, but for now all they want to do is have fun.


Age: Late teens
Species: DerjiKhan
Pronouns: They/Them

OdoZun is a DerjiKhan ranger who wishes to explore the galaxy surrounding their home planet, but the cost for travel and Rumin Pressure Pills for two bodies is too much for them to pay.

On top of this OdoZun is trapped by their communal responsibilities. As a pair that has one of the strongest bonds out of all members in their village, OdoZun is destined to become the next elder and more. OdoZun wants to do right by their community but at the same time they don't think there is a place for them there.

With the technological expansion that is happening on DerjiKha a lot of the old forests are being cleared away for bigger and bigger cities and mining projects. Many old cultural practices have been eroded, and the communities that still practice them are being oppressed, including OdoZun's village.

Thus OdoZun's sense of communal responsibility has lost to their sense of self-preservation, and OdoZun has been rewarded for this when they kept some Pressure Pills belonging to an off-worlder who was eaten by one of the native beasts of DerjiKha.

Even though OdoZun is one soul bound to two bodies, each half still has a somewhat distinct personality. Odo (the Derji) is somewhat more outwardly dominant of the two, they are melancholic and serious and a little day-dreamy. Zun (the Kha) is a little more easy going and patient, but also cautious around strangers and prone to sudden rage filled outbursts if they feel threatened.

Since they have parted ways with Jas, OdoZun has been able to make it off of DerjiKha and will no doubt have a lot to share once they cross paths with her again.


"Professor" Garatcha Kese
Age: Mid 30s
Species: Gak
Pronouns: She/Her

Garatcha Kese grew up with a desire to prove herself. At first it didn't matter who, her foster parents, her teachers, her peers, so long as someone saw and accepted her. Soon she moved on to wanting to prove not only herself but also her whole species to the galaxy.

As a Gak not much is expected from Kese or her kind, their main skill being mining and the manufacturing of crude materials. Kese wanted more for Gaks and knew she could be more. Her love of robotics helped facilitated this desire.

Kese is an intelligent and sharp inventor as well as a shrewd business person, and has had past experience selling off smaller inventions. She is also very honest, which is a surprise to the people she has dealings with. She believes in her skills enough that she feels she doesn't have to lie. The only thing she will embellish about herself is her title of "professor."

Kese is also very curious, and coupled with her honesty she comes across as nosey and rude. Yet even though Kese's honesty could be used against her it is also one of her best defences since Kese hates being lied to, and she has gotten very good at picking up on when someone is withholding important information from her. It'll be interesting to see how she deals long term with someone who prefers to keep secrets.


Age: 10 Years (body) 1300 Years (A. I.)
Species: Ydian (exiled)
Pronouns: She/Her

Dizzy is Kese's long time partner and confidant. The two of them share a complicated past, present, and future, but besides that they make a good team and love each other very much. Dizzy was once an old Ydian AI that Kese rebuilt into a new body. She is a droid with a heart of gold.

Like Kese, Dizzy is very honest to the point of being a little too blunt. She has been learning to soften her words because the last thing she wants is to directly hurt anyone. For the most part though Dizzy comes across as very earnest, hard working, and loving. She does have a very dry sense of humour that crops up from time to time, which throws most people off, especially since she's not particularly emotive.

Abrak Yu(u)n

Age: Early 20s

Species: Rashi

Pronouns: They/Them

Abrak Yun is a fairly popular Pop vocalist. They hail from the Sister Suns System and belong to the species is known as the Rashi. Yun is generally fairly friendly even with their fans, but is known to get outright monstrous when their intellectual property is under threat. Although their forward facing persona comes cross as vapid and disconnected they do truly love music and are an expert in several instruments and singing techniques. They also have other interests outside of music such as Rashi Gladiatorial Pageantry and Xenobiology. When off tour they like to focus on those other hobbies when not writing new songs.

Ro (right) and Madar (left)

Ages: Early 20s

Species: Rashi

Pronouns: She/Her (Ro) They/Them (Madar)

Madar and Ro are Yun's bodyguards and assistants. They are twin siblings who have very little in common. While Madar is more outwardly emotive Ro is very reserved save for when she's angry. They also differ on how they feel about working for Yun. Madar finds the pop star's antics embarrassing, but stays on the job because it does pay well. Ro is ride or die for Yun and the two have had a messy on again off again relationship, which Ro does a super job at hiding. 

Khudran (formerly known as "Them")

Age: 1 year or 1000

Species: ???

Pronouns: Plural They/Them

They were once a piece of Khut, now They are Themselves.

They are awake.

They are aware.

They are free.

They are taking inventory and soon They will remember who They are.

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