About OdoZun
Posted October 23, 2015 at 10:35 am

 OdoZun is a DerjiKhan ranger who wishes to explore the galaxy surrounding their home planet, but cost for travel as well as Rumin Pressure Pills for two bodies is too much for them to pay.

On top of this OdoZun trapped by their communal responsibilities. As a pair that has one of the strongest bonds out of all members in their village OdoZun is destined to become the next elder. OdoZun wants to do right by their community but at the same time they don't think there is a place for them there.

With the technological expansion that is happening on DerjiKha a lot of the old forests are being cleared away for bigger and bigger cities and mining projects. Many old cultural practices have been eroded, and the communities that still practice them are being oppressed. This includes OdoZun's village.

Thus OdoZun's sense of communal responsibility has lost to their sense of self preservation as well as some selfishness. And OdoZun has been rewarded for this when they kept some pressure pills belonging to an off-worlder who was eaten by one of the native beasts of DerjiKha.

Even though OdoZun is one soul bound to two bodies, each half still has a somewhat distinct personality. Odo (the Derji) is somewhat more outwardly dominant of the two. They are melancholic and serious and a little day-dreamy. Zun (the Kha) is a little more easy going and patient, but also cautious around strangers and prone to sudden rage filled outbursts if they feel threatened.

Since they have parted ways with Jas OdoZun has been able to make it off of DerjiKha, and will no doubt have a lot to share once they cross paths with her again.

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