About Malik
Posted October 9, 2015 at 09:35 am

 Malik was born into one of the top families on Taikos, and even has a familial link with Emperor Zan. But social standing didn't protect him from a controlling and abusive father, who had grown fed up with Malik's lack of focus and passive personality traits.

Malik was forced into military college and, per his father's request, slated to be put on the front lines after completion. This was all in the hopes that the boy would learn something and build character. Thankfully Malik's mother intervened, and had him put on the Tracking Team, a career dead end but one that has a supposedly low mortality rate.

Since being on Vron's team for the past year Malik has learned how to focus on what he is doing, though he still makes mistakes from time to time. He has also gained some confidence thanks to Ajo's gentle encouragement. Malik does find Vron's verbally volatile personality unsettling but he is growing to understand and sympathize with why his commander is so frustrated.

Malik has begun to enjoy his time spent with Vron and Ajo on this paid vacation, it's too bad that they ended up actually finding what they were looking for.

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