About Addik
Posted May 9, 2016 at 05:49 pm

Addik is Vron's childhood friend and significant other. Like Vron, he is an employee of the military. His area of expertise is in the development of chemical and biological weaponry. Addik isn't particularly fond of this work but it does allow him easy access to grant money, which he spends on side projects not necessarily pertaining to the empire's mandate. 

Addik also outranks Vron because his higher social standing gave him a leg up. This has caused a bit of friction in their relationship seeing as how it is considered inappropriate for cross rank relationships. Regardless of this stressor they still love each other very much and Addik misses Vron dearly.


Two more weeks until Star Trip returns, but I figured while you are all waiting let me give you a list of the sci-fi/fantasy comics I like to read! 




Call of the Sentinel

Mare Internum


Vattu (Rice Boy)


Ozzie the Vampire


Generally these are all rated 13+ except maybe KSBD which I would put at 16+ (lotta gore and bodyhorror there).

I hope you all enjoy these and thank you for your patience during this hiatus.


Your chum, Gisele

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