About Kagra
Posted May 20, 2016 at 11:56 pm

Kagra is one of the thirteen generals, the elite few who directly serve Emperor Zan of Taikos. Earlier in life she was set to be married off, a price to pay to help her family's failing business (and social standing). But Kagra had other plans and joined the military. She swiftly moved up the ranks until she made it to where she is now, sitting at the same table as the ruler of Taikese space. 

Kagra is skilled with a sword and owns a pair of the few remaining Heartwood Blades, living weapons that were carved from the now extinct trees of Voltre.


Kagra and Ajo are also a couple, but just like with Vron and Addik they have to keep it hush, for fear of reprimand.


I'm back from TCAF! It was a good time.

Barring any serious injury or death Star Trip will return next Monday, May 23rd!

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