About Dizzy (and an update on updates)
Posted April 30, 2016 at 09:17 pm

Dizzy is Kese's long time partner and confidant. The two of them share a complicated past, present, and future, but besides that they make a good team and love each other very much. Dizzy was once an old Ydian AI that Kese rebuilt into a new body. She is a droid with a heart of gold.


Like Kese, Dizzy is very honest to the point of being a little too blunt. She has been learning to soften her words because the last thing she wants is to directly hurt anyone. For the most part though Dizzy comes across as very earnest, hard working, and loving. She does have a very dry sense of humour that crops up from time to time, which throws most people off, especially since she's not particularly emotive.


Hello everyone. Sorry about the radio silence, things continue to be busy and chaotic for me. I will have to extend the hiatus for a little longer. The new return date for Star Trip will be after TCAF, which I will be attending. I'm giving myself a generous amount of time and I am planning to have the first page of Chapter 2 up on May 23rd.

In the interim I will be posting the character cards that I had put up earlier on Patreon, one per week.

Also for those of you with access to 8tracks I put up a mix for Book 2 of Star Trip, and if you are interested the mix for Book 1 is over here.

For those who can't access 8tracks I've included the track lists below.


Book 1

Book 2 

Thank you all for your patience as I try to make it out of choppy waters.


Your pal-o Gisele.

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