Taking A Late Summer Break
Posted July 31, 2020 at 08:00 pm

Hello everyone!

Chapter 8 of Act 2 sure was something huh? Thank you all for sticking with me while I worked my way through updates during both a pandemic as well as major societal events. 

I will be taking a break between this past chapter and the next one. Although I already have the outline done for Chapter 9 I still need to write it out, edit it, and thumbnail. Chapter 9 is going to be even more intense than this last one so I will need extra time. As such Star Trip will be on a 2 month hiatus and return sometime in October (I don't have a specific date yet).

In that time I will also be getting comic pages ready for the Star Trip Kickstarter for Book 1, which will contain Chapters 1-7 of Act 1. That will hopefully be launching sometime in Late October or Early November.

I won't be posting any extra material during this break since I want to focus on getting those two things prepped as well as allowing myself some rest time. I still have to work freelance and contract jobs on top of all this webcomic business so I need some R&R lest I become a stick of charcoal.

Stay safe out there!


Tags: Jas, Khudran, Malik
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