Guess Who's Back, Back Again!
Posted November 9, 2020 at 12:30 pm

Hello everyone!

It's been a stretch! A lot of stuff sure did happen when I was gone! Thank you all for waiting while I got everything together. I needed more time than I anticipated since my other jobs were particularly demanding despite my need to rest so as it turns out I'm still kinda running on fumes and it sucks! But I'm gonna try to get updates out because we're well past October and I really want to get this chapter going! 

In regards to the Kickstarter for Book 1 of Star Trip, that will not be happening this year. Since so much else has taken up my time that I haven't been able to prep pages and the world has been in a state of chaos and flux, especially this autumn, launching a Kickstarter just isn't in the cards for right now. But my fingers are crossed for the late Spring of 2021!

Thanks to those of you who were patient while I worked on these pages.

Hope you enjoy the ride!


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