Posted March 11, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Finally!! That's the end of Chapter 9!! That only took me *checks watch* A little over a year to complete HAHA. It was also the longest chapter we've had in a while. With that out of the way Star Trip is entering its final arc, which is only 3 chapters. We are near the end!

I will be talking a month long hiatus as I finish up preparing Chapter 10 and hopefully get a buffer set up so the comic can return to a 3 pages a week update schedule. I'm changing up the art style of the comic so that I can get pages done more quickly. I've been finding myself still mired with the colouring stage, even when working with simple flats, so something has got to give. I think this final arc is as good a time as any for things to change a little bit.

Thank you all, as always, for reading and commenting. I hope you are all keeping safe.

See you in the Spring with the start of Act 2, Chapter 10!


Tags: Vron, Ajo, Malik, Khut, Jas
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