About Vron
Posted September 25, 2015 at 09:28 am

 As the commanding officer on the Taikese Shapeshifter Track and Retrieval Team Vron is the latest in a long line of failures. 

Once a part of a large family of a mother a father and five other brothers Vron is now all that is left of his lineage. Dropping out of art school to join the military out of economic necessity at a young age Vron has taken to his life in the Taikese Imperial Army surprisingly well. Although there has been some hiccups along the way through his series of promotions Vron has had the privilege to even be on speaking terms with Emperor Zan himself. 


But having the right connections does not always guarantee success, especially when living in a society that dismisses his abilities based on his race and former economic standing. Thus instead of being promoted upwards as he had expected, Vron was promoted sideway to an old ship, an apathetic and paltry crew, and the impossible task of finding and capturing a myth.


Because of this shortfall among others Vron has grown frustrated and bitter. But his loyalty to Taikos hasn't wavered. Vron still has an eye for beauty, and deeply loves Taikos for what it was, is, and will be. 

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