About "Professor" Kese
Posted October 30, 2015 at 11:11 am

 Garatcha Kese grew up with a desire to prove herself. At first it didn't matter who, her foster parents, her teachers, her peers, so long as someone saw and accepted her. Soon she moved on to wanting to prove not only herself but also her whole species to the galaxy. 

As a Gak not much is expected from Kese or her kind, their main skill being mining and the manufacturing of crude materials. Kese wanted more for her kind and knew she could be more and her love of robotics helped facilitated this.

Kese is an intelligent and sharp inventor, as well as a shrewd business person and has had experience selling off smaller inventions. She is also very honest, which takes aback the people she deals with. She believes in her skills enough that she feels she doesn't have to lie. The only thing she will embellish about herself is her title of professor. 

Kese is also very curious and coupled with her honestly this makes her come across as nosey and rude. But even though Kese's honestly could be used against her it is also one of her best defences since Kese hates being lied to, and she has gotten very good at picking up on when someone is withholding important information from her. It'll be interesting to see how she deals long term with someone who prefers to keep secrets.

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