Taking A Stress Break
Posted April 13, 2020 at 12:15 pm

Only for a week. Updates will resume next week. I just need to chill out and take care of myself. In the meantime here are some sci-fi comics I personally enjoy that y'all can read while I nap. 

The Otherknown - Very good. Sci-fi mystery. Also a small child adopts a dad.

Softies - Hey look! Another sci-fi webcomic where Earth bites it! Also has a small child try to adopt an alien dad, but doesn't go as well as you'd hope. Solid jokes.

Brainchild - Another mystery sci-fi about alternate dimensions where humans have weird monster forms. There's a catboy. Suzn's art is ACES.

Mare Internum - Near future sci-fi about the exploration of Mars as well as the exploration of mental illness, trauma, and isolation. Also complete so you can read it all the way to the end. (cw: child sexual abuse, attempted suicide, body horror)

See y'all next Monday!


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