About Jas
Posted September 11, 2015 at 04:40 pm

Overall Jas was unhappy with her life on Earth. She had dropped out of university, was pushed out of her family's home, hated her step dad, lost her job, and has load of debts to worry about including rent.

Being so disillusioned Jas turned to science fiction and day dreamed about travelling the galaxy and putting a million miles between herself and her troubles.

When an opportunity presented itself to her one cool spring night Jas jumped at the chance and was whisked far away from everything she knew. But this trip has taught Jas that trouble will still find you no matter how far you run away from it, and one day she will have to learn how to face her problems, both old and new.

Jas is impulsive, demanding, and a little rude, but these personality traits stem from being pressured to be careful and quiet and obedient back on Earth. Now that she's away from they she feels she can fully cut loose. Jas is also a good kid, she's loyal, and if you're nice to her she'll do what she can to help you. Her moral compass has a bit of a bend but it still points towards Good.

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