Here We Are Again
Posted March 23, 2020 at 01:00 pm

Hello everyone!

Finally we start the next chapter. Thanks again for your patience as I bombarded you all with a 2 month long Q+A session. I still have some questions left over but I will save that as extra content for patrons as maybe as future filler if something happens that hampers my update schedule.

Moving on! Welcome to Agrosia! We'll be here for a little while. For now I just have the title page finished and am working on the 3 pages worth of update as you read this. They're a bit complex and with all the stressors of the world swirling around us this past week I've have some difficulty working on them. I hope to have them ready to post at the latest on Wednesday.

Thanks again for reading. Stay safe out there! And you're a service working currently on the job during all this chaos you're a hero (and deserve a pay raise with benefits)!


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