About Abrak Yu(u)n, Ro, And Madar
Posted May 24, 2019 at 12:00 pm

First, I would like to say thank you to y'all for being patient as I worked on getting some content ready to post here. I apologize for not keeping you in the loop. The short of it is I was beat from travelling to and from Toronto for TCAF and then as I was finishing these character card updates my power went out and I lost a bunch of work. But I've made it to the other end! For Friday (today) and Sunday there will be two character cards "fleshing out" some recurring characters that will be added to the cast page and next week we begin with Chapter 6. Moving on! Here is some info about Abrak Yun and their entourage.

Abrak Yun is a fairly popular Pop vocalist. They hail from the Sister Suns System and belong to the species is known as the Rashi. Yun is generally fairly friendly even with their fans but are known to get outright monstrous when their intellectual property is under threat. Although their forward facing persona comes cross as vapid and disconnected they do truly love music and are an expert in several instruments and singing techniques. They also have other interests outside of music such as Rashi Gladiatorial Pageantry and when off tour like to focus on those other hobbies when not writing new songs.

Madar and Ro are Yun's bodyguards and assistants. They are twin siblings who have very little in common. While Madar is more outwardly emotive Ro is very reserved save for when she's angry. They also differ on how they feel about working for Yun. Madar finds the pop star's antics embarrassing, but stays on the job because it does pay well. Ro is ride or die for Yun and the two have had a messy on again off again relationship, which Ro does a super job at hiding. 

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