End Of Book 2 - Chapter 6
Posted September 6, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Thanks again to you all for reading!

This chapter was a lot of fun to write despite being difficult at times to draw and I really enjoyed your comments during the whole thing. 

As has now become my custom I will be taking a little break before I start the next chapter, just so I can have time to properly edit the script and have the thumbnails all done so banging out pages goes a lot smoother.

There won't be any guest art or filler comics in between since I don't like to clog up the flow of the comic as a whole with too much non-narrative Stuff.

Instead you can all take this time to reread Star Trip! Or get your friends to read it before we return on October 7th with Chapter 7! They'll have a whole month to catch up on almost 1000 pages of Content!

Otherwise if you crave any extra stuff and aren't subscribed to my Patreon, maybe give that a try! It's only $2/month for a lot of stuff like, monthly wallpaper packs and sketchbooks, concept art for Chapter 6, and the odd goodie I have to share, as well as early Star Trip pages. There is also a backlog of old content which includes almost 1000 pages worth of sketchbook art.

You can also join the Star Trip Discord Server and talk about the comic with other readers. I also pop in there from time to time and drop W.I.P of art I'm working on.

In the meantime I will be at it working on the next chapter. I hope you're all excited for the big race on Lubo!

Until October! 

Stay fresh!

Your Pal-o, Gisele.

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