The end of Act 2, Chapter 10
Posted December 8, 2023 at 12:00 pm


Y'all I gotta tell ya, It's been so long since I've had a chapter update consistently from start to finish. I'm glad I got to do this again. I had to FIGHT for this.

Star Trip has only 2 chapters left in its story and I want to make sure those chapters are the best I can. Since it's now December with the holidays fast approaching, I will be putting Star Trip on a hiatus until January. Expect the start of Chapter 11 on January 22nd 2024. 

If you want something to read in the meantime, I've got an illustrated webnovel, Earthshine, that I started earlier this year, which has finished its 2nd chapter. It's also on hiatus until early next year but at least there's something for y'all to check out!

I've also got a new Webtoon, Starlight and Brimstone, that I launched this October and has been steadily updating once a week, and will continue to update into the new year and beyond.

Also just a little call to action to support me on Patreon. Only $2/month gets you access to early updates of my comics and webnovel projects, looks into my sketchbooks, the odd wallpaper pack, and any other little treat I can rustle up. Your support is deeply appreciated!

Thank you for reading and for sticking by as I recovered from my burn out enough to finally carry this story forward.

I'll see you all in the new year.

Tags: Jas, Khudran
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